About us

About Us

"Sabores da Terra, 'Earth Flavors' was the expression that often came to our memory full of longing and discontent ..."

Sabores da Terra was born when we were out of Portugal for 5 years.

From the desire to always have at our table the best of portuguese products, keeping alive our roots and traditions.

Plans were made and dreams were projected.

We dream to bring the Portuguese that are scattered around the world, the best products produced in Portugal and in our lands, satiating their discontent and filling their homesickness with the smell of our Sabores da Terra and history.

Thus was born Sabores da Terra with its founders Patrícia Ferreira and Pedro Carvalho.

Our Shop
We bring together the wealth of the national gastronomic heritage, presenting a huge variety of products, different categories and different geographical areas of our country. We represent several brands of Portuguese products, all of them products of excellence, those that truly mirror the best of Portuguese gastronomy and Portugal. We have a wide selection of organic and craft products. Products that respect nature, making us rediscover the genuine and traditional taste of good quality food and being a great tasty way to promote health. You can enjoy them, in Portugal or abroad, in a convenient and accessible way. A Sabores da Terra takes the best of Portugal to You!
Our Values
Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Dedication, Excellence and Trust We see our clients as the driving force behind our goals and business strategies. Sabores da Terra intends to continue to offer the best and stand out for the trust we deserve.
Our Vision
To be recognized as a complete company, committed to quality, variety and excellence, working with high performance and dedication, to ensure that our products reach all destinations, wherever you are!
Our Mission
We want all our Flavors to be a reference and example of the best we produce in Portugal.